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We have an extensive range of photographs in the archive.

Our database holds over 34,000 images from our own collection and others that have been donated by friends of the Attic.

These include around 8,000 glass plate negatives in our “Windows into the Past” collection- their quality has to be seen to be believed.


If you have any images that you are willing to share with us then please get in touch.

We can scan copies so that you retain the originals.

The images contained in our archive span well over  one hundred years and cover many different subjects.

We have a large number of images covering the mining and clay industries which once spread across the area.

Other topics contained in the collection include;

All of our photographs are available to be viewed and copies of most can be purchased in a variety of sizes and qualities.

Swadlincote High Street

Horninglow Basin

Wragg’s Pipe Works

Church Gresley Fire Brick clay mine

Thompson Pottery (Woodville)

John Avery, former manager of the Swadlincote cinemas, with the Queen Mother