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As well as the newspapers, photographs and maps, our archive is crammed full of other resources to help family and local historians, students and researchers.

We have a wide array of historical artefacts, documents and records from local companies and a large reference library and collection of books and magazines.

Family History

If you’re researching your family history and have a connection with the local area then we have a wealth of resources to help you.

Local Industry

For anyone interested in our local businesses and industries we have a large collection of company records and information.

Historical Artefacts

From bomb fragments, ration books and gas masks to clay pipes, bricks and railway signs, we have an array of interesting items.

Reference Books

We have an extensive collection of books and documents in our reference library covering the local area, industries, military and family history.

Listed below are just a small selection of books which will give you an idea of the kind of resources available to you.