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The Magic Attic is a large local history archive located in South Derbyshire at the Sharpe's Heritage Centre, West Street, Swadlincote.

The archive contains newspapers, photographs, maps, artefacts and family history information for South Derbyshire and surrounding areas.

Visitors and enquiries from outside the region and from abroad are also given every assistance and are equally welcome. We work in close association with the libraries of Swadlincote and Burton on Trent and with most of the local history groups.

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Can You Help?

Do you remember the Empire or Majestic?  John Redfern is planning a new book on the history of cinema in Swadlincote and would love to hear your stories and anecdotes.

Heritage Walks

The next Magic Attic Heritage Walk, Echoes of Heroes takes place on Thursday, November 1st at 1.30pm.

To see a list of our upcoming walks visit the What’s On  page.