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An exhibition of photographs, historical documents and memorabilia from the Magic Attic's extensive archives.

Running from 3rd - 29th April, at Sharpe's Pottery Museum.

Find out all about our journey by reading The History of the Magic Attic Archives - in a Nutt Shell



7pm - 9.30pm


2pm - 5pm


2pm - 5pm &

7pm - 9.30pm


10am - 1pm

The Magic Attic is a large local history archive located in South Derbyshire at the Sharpe's Heritage Centre, West Street, Swadlincote.

The archive contains newspapers, photographs, maps, artefacts and family history information for South Derbyshire and surrounding areas.

Visitors and enquiries from outside the region and from abroad are also given every assistance and are equally welcome. We work in close association with the libraries of Swadlincote and Burton on Trent and with most of the local history groups.

Latest News

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Celebrating 30 years of the Magic Attic

A brand new publication in the series following on from Swinging Swad and The Fabulous Fifties.

Available to buy from April 28th

The Striking Seventies

A Little Look Back

20 Years A Go

Three local Bass employees are jailed for stealing Beer after the firm employed private investigators to find out how £25,000 worth of beer had gone missing in just 6 months.

Burton MAIL
APRIL 12th 1997

Magic Attic Mystery

The Magic Attic Mystery

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